Health And Dietary Conference Focus On Tea

October 10th – 15th 2018

Venue: Hilton Hotel


OCTOBER 10TH 10 AM American Association Of Diabetes Educators. Discuss the beneficial effects of tea on diabetes.

OCTOBER 10TH 12 NOON Break For Lunch. Complimentary light lunch included in the price.

OCTOBER 10TH 1PM Correctional Food Services Association. Discussion about the current services offered within correctional facilities across America.

OCTOBER 10TH 3PM The Association of Food Science And Technology. Public talk about the science of tea.

October 10th 5PM Informal Seminar – A chance for all participants to gather and discuss the days events, informally.

OCTOBER 11TH 10 AM Breakfast Buffet – a light breakfast buffet will be available for all participants to enjoy before getting down to business.

OCTOBER 11TH 11 AM National Obesity In Childhood Council – A representative from the National Obesity in Childhood Council will deliver a keynote speech about how to fight the crisis of childhood obesity. Special reference to the uses of herbal and green teas will be discussed.

OCTOBER 11TH 1PM A vegan lunch is available for all participants to enjoy.

OCTOBER 11TH 3PM Clean Cooking Workshop – A practical hands on demonstration of the clean cooking phenomenon sweeping the nation.

All participants will be invited to learn more about clean cooking and the session will include the chance to cook and sample clean cooking.

After the practical demonstration, there will be a speech delivered by the Clean Cooks of America Institute, on the science behind clean cookery.

OCTOBER 11TH 5PM Questions And Answers – our organizers will be on hand to answer any of your questions in our public questions and answers session.


Our first keynote topic comes from the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

This session will look at diabetes and the effects of tea. It will also look at the efforts of the federal government towards helping to prevent diabetes in a nationwide strategy.

Because many who work within diabetes education are not completely knowledgeable about the important work which is being undertaken by many federal agencies, within the health care setting, this talk aims to uncover more information so educators, health professionals and people with diabetes themselves can take advantage of the services available.

Various representatives from the tea industry, including scientists and researchers will also be on hand, to offer their insight into the beneficial aspects of tea on diabetes.

This session includes a question and answer style panel, for the last forty five minutes, to give everyone the chance to have their questions answered!